Beat the Heat this Summer

Outlast the Texas Heat

Let’s face it…there is nothing hotter than a Texas summer. With summer on the horizon, it is time to plan those barbeques, days at the pool, 4th of July celebrations, and other summer-time festivities. But how can we enjoy the great outdoors during these hot summer months? How do we prepare for and outlast the Texas heat?

At Matthew Murrey Design, we keep these questions in mind when designing each outdoor space. Here are some of our secrets to keeping a space enjoyable, even in the heat wave of a Texas summer.

Beat Summer Heat with a Shad Structure or Gazebo

Shade Structures: Arbors, Pergolas, Gazebos

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, having a burger on the patio, or enjoying a glass of wine in the garden, you’ve got to have a place to get out of the sunlight. Staying out of direct sunlight will make your time spent outdoors more relaxing and enjoyable. Adding a shade structure will not only help filter the sunlight, minimizing exposure to those harmful UV Rays, but it will also help to define a space and add architectural significance to will there be a cure for herpes in the future the landscape.

Beat Summer Heat by Adding Foliage

Add Some Foilage

Did you know that reducing the sun’s radiation from paving, walls, and other structures can keep outdoor spaces 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer? You can accomplish this by growing vines up a wall or atop a shade-structure, adding large-canopy trees to cover an outdoor seating area, or incorporating grass or groundcover into paving. These options are all great ways to enhance outdoor spaces and keep them tolerable for the summer.


Beat Summer Heat by Adding WaterIntroduce Water

Nothing is more soothing in the Texas summer than good old H2O. Whether it is an antique limestone fountain, a koi pond, or a swimming pool nothing helps cool off a space like water.