Our cooperative and creative landscape design process sets your project up for success before starting construction - all so you can enjoy the experience of seeing your project come to life.


While many firms use a 3D model for presentation purposes, our 3D Site Model is a crucial part of our creative and problem solving workflow. For this reason,  all projects are designed using a 3D Site Model . By utilizing the visualization and data provided in the 3D Site Model, we are able to provide design clarification to the owner, contractor, consultants and the landscape design team by visualizing grading, retaining walls, steps, finishes, scale, proportion, and volume of the site and its elements. From this model, and through our specialized process and workflow, the Site Plan and its supporting drawings, details, and specifications can all be created.


“Architecture begins when two bricks are put together well,” Mies van der Rohe. While getting a thoughtful and thorough design is important, it is just as important to pick the right contractor and make sure their work is delivered as expected. By utilizing your landscape designer to aid in Contract Administration and Contract Management Services  for your project, you can be sure that the right craftsmen are hired for your project and that their work is held to the standards within the landscape plan specifications.    

Site Procurement Services

Since your landscape designer has a great deal of understanding about the space they have created with you, it is important they are involved in selecting and ordering specialty materials, products, garden ornaments, fixtures, and furniture. Many times this requires coordination with the project contractor, architect and/or interior designer, but it is the best way to insure the correct items are procured to  finish the space and make it live-able. During this phase, the designer will be responsible for overseeing purchasing and procurement, delivery, and installation of the specialty materials, furniture, fixtures, and equipment for your project.    


All landscapes need enhancement. Whether preparing for a new season, planning an outdoor event, adding a new feature, or just changing out old with new, make sure you are adding lasting value with your enhancement by working with a landscape designer.    


Create a plan to determine how your garden grows. This service outlines the size and shape of hedges, growth of shrubs, and general requirements for maintaining the landscape. Depending on the size and complexity of the garden, It is also recommended that either seasonal or annual walkthroughs are held between the designer and garden manager for general comments and observations.


As landscapes and gardens grow and mature things change. Shrubs get larger, trees create more shade, and landscape environments change. A Garden Evolution Plan creates specification for dealing with the change and while still maintaining the integrity of the original design intent. Whether its a 1, 3, 5, 10, or 20 year plan, having a Garden Evolution Plan keeps you prepared to deal with the ever approaching changes that your garden will experience.    

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