Garden Fences add value

6 Ways Fences Add Value to Your Gardens and Your Home

As you are well aware, curb appeal is very important to the value and selling power of your home. One of the easiest ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to add a fence or update your existing fence. 

A well-designed fence provides protection and screening and it is a vital component in terms of the overall concept of gardening. In the wise words of garden expert, Steve A. Shaw, “A garden fence is a great way to combine the practical with the stylish.”

There are many advantages of having a garden fence. Below are 6 examples of the how a well-planned fence can add value to your home and garden.

1. The Value of Privacy

Fences provide proper demarcation for your home. A well-designed fence helps to differentiate your private space from your neighbor's private space, providing boundaries and peace of mind.

2. The Value of Protection

A properly placed fence can help to protect the home and residents against natural elements by providing shade from the scorching rays of the midday sun or serve as shelter from strong gusts of wind. When properly designed and constructed, a fence also creates a boundary for possible intruders.


3. The Value of Design

Besides providing privacy and protection, a well-designed and well-built fence adds a level of quality and sophistication to your home’s outdoors. Industry experts at Screwfix even suggest that a fence can “create a colorful focal point” outside the house, especially with the slightly smaller fences.

Please note that a quality constructed fence, like the majority of the fences showcased on, and on other industry standard websites, are generally pressure treated to withstand unpleasant weather conditions and give your fence a longer lifespan.

4. The Value of Harmony

By using proper materials, colors, and finishes to coordinate with the architecture and interior of your home, a fence can help to bring balance and harmony between your indoor and outdoor settings.

5. The Value of Tranquility

Another important feature of the garden fence is that it serves as a noise barrier to help block outside noise from entering the property. While it doesn’t totally eliminate these sounds, it does help to diminish the intensity, to aid in preserving a peaceful and quiet environment in and around your garden.


6. The Value of Convenience

Lastly, a well-constructed fence requires minimal maintenance. Fences are a great way to add structure, privacy, and screening to the garden without the hassle of ongoing care.


There are many ways to improve the curb appeal of your home, a fence is only one of those ways. When it comes to choosing the right fence for you home, there are an abundance of materials and designs to choose from, some of which are featured on this blog by Core Architect.

To find the design best fitted to your home and your needs, we suggest consulting a landscape designer to help point you in the right direction. 

For more landscape design tips, news, and information, please check out the blog section of Matthew Murrey.

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