Contemporary Grade Change Landscape Ideas and Inspirations

Landscape Ideas: Grade Changes – Terraces and Steps

Grade change is an important part of a landscape. The way you address and deal with grade change is what separates an ordinary landscape design from an extraordinary landscape design. The photos below represent 10 creative and brilliant ideas for addressing grade change based on layout of the design, the use of materials, and cohesiveness of design.


 10 Most Creative Landscape Staircases

Landscape Ideas - Grade Changes - Stone Steps and Gravel Path
Silverleaf Landscaping, Inc


Tiered Terrace with Garden Ornaments
Jane Ellsworth Interiors


Garden Stairs - Landscape Ideas for Grade Change
Howard Design Studio via Danielle Rollins


Bluestone Steps - Grade Change Ideas


Landscape ideas - Grade change - Lawn Steps
Week in Review


Landscape Ideas - Grade Change - Contemporary Grass Steps
Luis H. Segovia via Arch Daily


Grade Change Ideas - Steps and Concrete Slide - Landscape Step ideas
Blasen Landscape Architecture via ASLA


Landscape Ideas - Grade Change - Outdoor Steps - Contemporary Ideas


Landscape ideas - grade change - garden steps - concrete with grass
Allworth Design


Contemporary Grade Change Landscape Ideas and Inspirations
Tamizo Architects


Does your yard contain a creative grade transition? If so, please send us your photos, we would love to see them! If your yard could use help with grade transitions, give us call or send us an email, we would be happy to help take your space from ordinary to extraordinary!

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