Espalier with Fix Ivy behind

Landscape Ideas: Small Space Solutions – Espaliered Trees and Vines




  1. a fruit tree or ornamental shrub whose branches are trained to grow flat against a wall, supported on a lattice or a framework of stakes.


  1. train (a tree or shrub) to grow flat against a wall.


Contemporary Landscape


An espalier is a great way to add interest and beauty to your garden by creating a classic focal point and maximizing growing space. Espaliers are great for tight spaces with fruit trees and vines, adding interest to your garden and disguising garden and landscape walls.


Espaliered Fruit & Ornamental Trees

Pear Trees trained in Vertical Cordon Espalier
The Guardian

Beautifully trained pear trees growing in a vertical cordon patterned espalier.

Vertical cordon espalier
Debora Silver

Another example of a vertical cordon espalier by garden designer Debora Silver.

Horizontal Cordon Esplier
Thinking Outside the Boxwood

This horizontal cordon espalier featured on Thinking Outside the Boxwood creates a visual barrier between spaces.

Horizontal Cordon Espalier
Howard Design Studio

Another example of a horizontal espalier by Howard Design Group.

Espalier Apple Tree
The Guardian

These apple trees were espaliered to grow at an angle in what is called an oblique cordon espalier.

Informal Fan Espalier
The Guardian

I love the more natural look of this informal fan espaliered peach tree.


Espaliered Vines

Square Fence Espalier
Censational Girl

A square fence espalier like this one on Censational Girl provides a nice clean look to add interest to a boring or unsightly wall.

Diamond Wire Espalier
Classic Casual Home

This diamond patterned espalier with framed perimeter creates a nice piece of outdoor wall art.

Classic espalier vine on fence uses a double wired diamond espalier to disguise a wooden fence.

diamond lattice espalier on wall
Frica and Franc Blog

Here is another example of a diamond patterned espalier alongside a modern geo patterned chair, proves that an espalier can work in both a contemporary or traditional setting.

Espalier with Fix Ivy behind
Traditional Home

This espalier featured on Traditional Home is grown on top of a layer of fig ivy, creating a more subtle and softening effect.


Whether you are looking to add interest or grow fruit in a tight space, the espalier is the way to go!


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