high end maintenance program

Maseratis and Landscape: The Importance of a Comprehensive Maintenance Program

high end maintenance program

Imagine you just purchased a new Maserati… What type of gas will you put it in? Will you use the recommended premium gasoline or the regular unleaded? Now, it is time for an oil change, will you take the Maserati to the dealership or drop it off at you neighborhood Lube and Tune? And what about when the tires begin to wear or if you experience any problems? If you care to protect your investment at all, you will trust dealer recommendations and specification. You will fill the car up with premium gas, take the car to the Maserati dealership for regular maintenance and trust the dealership to handle your tires and any necessary issues that need tending to.

If the above is true for that high-end car that you have spent good money on, why would you treat your high-end landscape, that you also just spent a good deal of money on, any different? It’s time to start taking care of your yard based on the specifications of the designer and stop the neglect! Stop hiring the cheapest guy you can find that knows little nothing about plants, stop using the “mow and blow” service!

If you have invested good time and money into the design and installation of your yard, treat it like the Maserati that it is, sign up for a comprehensive maintenance care program from a trusted and reputable maintenance company, and for heaven’s sake, Stop taking your Maserati to the corner lube & tune!!

High End Landscape Maintenance

Components of a Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Weekly Services:

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Turf weed removal
  • Bed weed removal
  • Pet waste removal
  • Pruning / trimming
  • Irrigation monitoring


Seasonal Services:

  • Annual irrigation system checks
  • Fertilization Treatments
  • Pest treatments (as necessary)
  • Soil Aeration
  • Remove/replace dead plants
  • Install seasonal color change out (per Designer’s guidelines)
  • Mulch (as necessary)
  • Freeze protection (as necessary)



Who takes care of your regular maintenance? At Matthew Murrey Design, we work with several of the top maintenance companies in Dallas to make sure our clients are in good hands. Please contact our office today for a list of our preferred maintenance providers.

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