evergreen pottery arrangement

Landscape Design Ideas: Use Pottery

There are many great uses for pottery in a garden or landscape. Whether you use pottery to plant an ornamental tree, an evergreen shrub or a seasonal mix of plants, the perfect pottery arrangement can do wonders for a space. Below are some of our pottery arrangements from past projects with ideas for how you can apply a similar idea to your garden.


8 Ways to Use Pottery in Your Garden


Use pottery as a finial to columns, pedestals, and walls.

evergreen pottery arrangement

Seasonal Color and Boxwood Globe Flower Bowl

Cast iron planter with elephant ear


Use pottery to punctuate an entrance.

Magnolia Tree in planter


Use pottery to provide separation.

Steel planter with boxwood

Use pottery as a decorative accent on patios and porches.

Boxwood Topiary Pottery Arrangement

Green and White seasonal flower pottery arrangement

Shade tolerant evergreen pottery arrangement


 Use pottery to anchor the corners of a pool or courtyard.

white geranium pottery arrangement

Use pottery to decorate for the holidays.

christmas pottery arrangement with boxwood

Use pottery for seasonal color.

Kale and Cabbage pottery arrangment
Zinc planter arrangement


When designing and planning your outdoor space don’t forget to think about adding pottery! What areas in your existing landscape could use the decorative and finishing touch of pottery?

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